Club Gallery

Serving for Milton CHEER Volunteer Dinner
Meals on Wheels Tray favors and Handmade Dog Toys

December Meeting 
Dog Toys and Candy Sleighs!

Carving Pumpkins for Cape Henlopen Fantasy Trail

International Dinner and Talent Show

2018 Window Display 3rd Place!

Pumpkin Contest and Fall Retreat

October 2018 Meeting. Yoga, County Awards, Making Meals on Wheels Crafts

County Achievement Banquet 2018

Collecting for Cape Henlopen Food Basket

Coastal Clean up on our Adopted Stretch of Beach
September 2018

Planting Beach Grass

2018 Demonstration Contest

Favorite Foods Contest 2018

Spaghetti Dinner/Basket Auction

2018 Public Speaking Contest

Trophy Winner!

Trophy Winner!

January Club Meeting

Skating Party

December 2017 Club Meeting

Serving CHEER Dinner

Rehoboth Christmas Parade 2017

Card Party for Heroes

Club Meeting

Food Drive

Achievement Event

"Window Display Contest"
Growing True Leaders

2017 Coastal Clean Up

May Club Meeting

CHEER Volunteers


Demonstration Contest

 Judging Contest Training

Cloverbud Spring Craft

Favorite Foods Contest

Public Speaking Contest

December club meeting 

Card Party for Heroes

International Dinner

Talent Show

November Club Meeting

2016 Coastal Clean Up

October 2016 meeting
Nail Art and Wood Science Judging

Achievement Event

2016 Window Display

Nail Art at Local Nursing Home


State Fashion Showcase

Sussex County Sewing Workshop

County Demonstration Contest

March meeting

Favorite Foods Contest

Public Speaking Contest 2016

January 2016 meeting
Public Speaking practice

2015 Ice Skating

December 2015 meeting
Making tray favors

Rehoboth Christmas Parade

County Sewing Workshop

International Dinner and Talent Show 2015

November Meeting
Holiday Mail for Heroes

Achievement Event
Project Awards

Phyllis Hill Award

Food Drive

98 bags of groceries collected for Cape Henlopen Food Basket!

Coastal Clean Up

September Club Meeting

Project Book Training

Environmental Camp


Demonstration Contest

Farm Tour

Wood Workshop


Helping Milton Garden Club

Making Tray Favors for Meals on Wheels
March 12, 2015

Wood Science Project Meeting #2

Study boards to help get ready for the judging contest

Public Speaking Contest

12 out of 38 participants in this year's county contest were from Hollymount!

Wood Science Project Meeting #1

January Meeting

Finger Knitting!

Public Speaking Practice

December Meeting

Making snowflakes

Christmas Float Committee

November Club Meeting

International Dinner

Talent Show

Club meetings

Fall Retreat

Pumpkin Contest

Food Drive

 The winning team! (79 items for $28)

54 items for $28

105 bags of groceries!

Relay For Life

Top Youth Fundraising Team! Team Spirit Award!

Dairy Judging

Farm Tour


Favorite Foods Contest

2014 Public Speaking Contest
Hollymount represented 8 of the 21 speakers at the Public Speaking Contest!

Sarah:  "How to Judge a Swim Meet"

James: "True American Heroes"

Anna: "Martin Luther King Jr., An American Hero"

Daniel: "The Benefits of My 4-H Journey"

Matthew: "There's Never a Dull Moment--Part II"

Samantha: "Beat of the Music"

Luke: "Football is Great"

Taylor: "Lights, Camera, Action!"

Winter Fun Day

Ice Skating

December club meeting
Making tray favors for Meals on Wheels

County Card Party

November club meeting
Holiday for Heroes Card Party

Talent Show

The Invisible Bench

Pumpkin Contest

October club meeting
Cloverbuds with their paper pumpkins.

2013 Coastal Clean Up

Demonstration Contest at the Delaware State Fair

Congratulations, Daniel and Kyle!

 May Club Meeting

Favorite Foods Contest
Tori's "BLT Bites"

Interviewing by the judge

Luke's "Berry Good Pizza"

Chef Kyle and Chef Daniel

Emily's "Appleicious Dumplings" 

Holly with "Buddy's Carrot Cake"

Luke's "Chocolate Surprise"

Grace's "Moo Cookie Cupcakes"

Grace is a winner!  Congratulations!

Luke is a winner, too!  Great Job!

Public Speaking Contest


 Kyle "Tropical Breezes"


Luke "Baseball, My Favorite Sport"

Joe (Extemporaneous Contest) "Leadership"

Hollymount boys are awesome!

Winter Fun Day

Lewes Christmas Parade

3rd Place Marching Trophy!

Talent Show

International Dinner

November Club Meeting

Veteran's Day Ceremony at Rehoboth Beach

Holiday for Heroes Card Party

October Meeting 2012

Window Display

2012 Coastal Clean-Up

May club meeting

Cloverbuds learn about magnets

Making Farm Market posters to enter at the Fair.

Making magnets to enter at the Fair

Relay For Life 2012

Demonstration Contest
Beauty and The Beast

"Friends since we were 7!!"

A blue ribbon demonstration!

RFL Yard Sale

Rita's Fundraiser for RFL


Joe's catapult

CHEER Center Volunteers
Helped to serve a dinner at the Milton CHEER center.

Crocheting Workshop

She got it!!!!

Look who else gave it a try!

The "Egg meeting"

Warming up with games and songs.

Learning about the "incredible edible egg."
Judging interior quality of store bought and free range eggs.

Cloverbuds try some egg experiments.

Joe demonstrates how to crack an egg.  Then cloverbuds gave it a try!
Joe finishes up with "Souper Chicken".

Sewing Workshop
 Holly learned to sew with her new machine using a pattern.
4 hours later-----a beautiful pair of pajama pants!

Favorite Foods Contest

Kyle's apple pie was a winner!

Grace's snickerdoodles were perfectly baked!

 The crowd went wild for Hayley's Tollhouse Pie!

Daniel's chicken salad was delicious!

 Luke had a great time at the Favorite Foods contest!

Tori's cupcakes were fun and tasty!

The "Corn Meeting"
 Learning to make biodegradable plastic with.....corn!

Cloverbuds made biodegradable plastic, too!

Joe captivates his cloverbuds with information about corn!

Public Speaking Contest 2012
Kyle aka "Abe" 
President Lincoln....A Great Leader

Dinosaurs (Are They Really Dead?)

The Magic of Disney

A is for Apple

The Great Journey

Winter Fun Day

January Cloverbud Project

Statewide Ice Skating 

Making Tray Favors for Meals on Wheels
The end of our assembly line.

The beginning of the assembly line.

The labeling team

The stapling team

 The cutting team :)

 Tree sticker duo

Merry Christmas!

Cookie Exchange

Food Drive

$18 worth of mac 'n cheese.  (Most efficient and accurate team!)

Ramen noodles---quite a bargain in a 6 pack!

"The healthiest cart" award.
56 items for $18 wins the prize!

Talent Show
Daniel the Mad Scientist and "The Changerator 5,000"
(Did we fit 12 Hollymount 4-H'ers in there??)

International Dinner
A tasty slow cooker dish from Germany

mmmmm......that apple cake!

Is Holly talking about Kyle's apple cake again??  Or maybe she's singing about Pop Tarts!

The best beignets outside of France!

Crescent cookies that melt in your mouth!

Veteran's Day Ceremony 11/11/11

Club Meeting 11/10/11
"The Cheese Meeting"
Adding the vinegar to the milk on the stove
Cheese curds!

Club Meeting 10/20/11
"The Apple Meeting"
Using the "Whiz Bang" Cider Press

Joe and the Clover Buds mae a volcano pumpkin
 Pumpkin with birdseed hair before the volcano

2011 Window Display

Coastal Clean-Up 2011

First meeting of 2011/2012
Luke, Grace and Sam show off their hand painted t-shirts.

Georgetown Day Camp
Hannah and Sundene during a skit.

Holly the camp counselor

Michael demonstrates "the John Wall"!

Delaware State Fair
 Sussex County 4-H Float

Holly and Shimmer

 Joe and Aster

 Daniel and Kyle handled the State Demonstration Contest like pro's!

 A little barn dancing

 Volunteering at the Farm Bureau Food Booth

 Joe, champion milkshake maker

It's never too early to wash those heifers!

Macy and Holly---the best wash team ever.
First Place Herdsman Award went to Green Acres Farm!

National Holstein Convention
Richmond, Virginia
Holly, Colleen, Sam and Joe

Colleen, Public Speaking Contest

Delaware's Dairy Quiz Bowl Team

 Farm Tour

 Holly and Bill


 Joe and Heather

 Colleen and Bill


Demonstration Contest
"Chef Kyle and Chef Daniel"

Taylor and Hailey's cake was awesome!
Relay For Life 2011
"Why We Relay"
 Hollymount 4-H Relay For Life team

 Rachel and Hannah show why they Relay.

 Hollymount RFL Team had the best costumes!

Drumming for a cure at 5 am---Look who's still in her pj's!

Paper Contest winner-----Hollymount!

Junior Leader Weekend




 Holly and Michael


Macy and Joe

March Club meeting

Favorite Foods Contest

 Samantha's brownies were sooooo good!

 Tory's beach cupcakes were quite a hit!

Kyle outdid himself with his "Super Delicious Zuppa Toscana"! 

"Holly's Hawaiian Cake" was quite a treat!

Congratulations, Taylor!
(Joe could not get enough of those "Brown Cookies"!)

2/10/11 Club Meeting

Cloverbuds made bird feeders!

Cup Tower Battle!

"Giraffes" took an early lead 

The Platypus team never gave up!

Ice Skating Party

Foods Project members
Cookie Exchange and donation to Crisis House

Finishing up the tray favors!

We made 191 Meals on Wheels Tray Favors

Games Before our Club Meeting

Business Meeting

Junior Council Caroling in Georgetown

Lewes Christmas Parade

Hospice Festival of Trees

Progressive Dinner
The night began with appetizers.

Followed by salad...

Main course:

And finally....dessert!

Food Drive

International Dinner

Hollymount Super Heroes!

Talent Show

Presenting the Phyllis Hill Award

Our outstanding Exploring 4H'ers!

Sussex County Achievement Event

Window Display

Working on our window display

Fall retreat

October club meeting

Our first 2010-2011 meeting

Making Meals on Wheels tray favors

                                                Hollymount 4-H Relay For Life Team

2010 Public Speaking Contest

                                                   Having fun at a meeting.

Shorebirds Parade

                                                              Cookie Exchange
                                                              Ice Cream Party

2010 Delaware State Fair

                                                            Georgetown Day Camp

Working together on a Window Display

                                          Coastal Clean-Up 2010

The Hollymount boys collected 225 cigarette butts!

                             Picture perfect weather at Cape Henlopen this year!
                                         Our pyramid attempt was a success!