Our Community Service

The following are a few community service events the Hollymount 4H Club has participated in:
  • Relay For Life (10 years!)
  • Meals-On-Wheels (tray favors, pet and personal item collections and handmade pet toys!)
  • S.P.C.A.
  • Sea Grass Planting for DNREC
  • Adopt A Beach
  • Food Drives
  • CHEER Center servers
  • C.H.S.P. Fantasy Trail
  • Bagging Events for DNREC
Several new events happened in 2018! Beach grass planting and joining with Milton CHEER to help with their Meals on Wheels! 2019 brings Bagging Events for the Inland Bays and several other new service events! If you have an idea, or a group with a need, please contact us!!